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Welcome to Indiana Addictions Issues Coalition

Addiction, whether to drugs, alcohol, tobacco or involving other substances or actions, is a disease that can be effectively treated, allowing individuals and those around them to recover their lives.

Recovery, Freedom, Peace in Recovery from Addictions

The Coalition
is a broad-based, diverse, not-for-profit organization that advocates on behalf of people with addictive disorders. Our mission is to promote recovery through advocacy, public education and service.


Our latest newsletter for the Spring of 2016 is now available here. Stories include:

  • Highlights from the National Prescription Drug Abuse and Heroin Summit
  • An Update from The First Annual Community Outreach in Austin, IN
  • Future Recovery Coaches of Indiana

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New Resources for Treatment and Self-Help

Our online resource guide for Treatment and Self-Help continues to get local, state and national recognition for its breadth and depth of available resources from around the country. We've included several new links - be sure to check them out! If you find any additional resources we should include, please let us know!

Shifting our Focus and Vocabulary: Recovery

Our new U.S. Recovery Czar Mike Botticelli recently talked with 60 Minutes about a shift he's leading to focus more on a "war of recovery" instead of a "war on drugs." Here is a clip from those interviews:


Recovery Coach Training

IAIC & Project PEERS is developing an infrastructure for peer recovery support services in Indiana.

Project PEERS will result in:

  • Development of a state-accepted credential for Peer Recovery Specialist
  • Training of Peer Recovery Coaches
  • Development activities for Recovery Community Organizations to increase their use of Peer Recovery Support Services

For more information, click here...

For registration & schedule information click here...

Working Together Works and Know Your Own Recovery

Check out our various statewide events and training on our EventBrite page, where you will be able to RSVP!

For registration & schedule information click here...

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The IAIC is a subsidiary of Mental Health America of Indiana
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